Soudal SMX 506

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World`s first ISO 11600 approved sealant for Self-Cleaning Glass
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Soudal, the Belgian manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the construction industry has been at the forefront of sealant and PU foam technology for several decades. With the arrival of self-cleaning glass, yet another challenge was tackled in the Soudal laboratories, introducing SMX 506 The first recommended sealant to be used with Pilkington (ActivTM) & Saint-Gobain Glass (SGG Bioclean), this product is a true breakthrough in the industry! Self-cleaning glass types have a dual functionality which uses the forces of nature to help keep the glass free from dirt, thus dramatically reducing cleaning efforts and cost. The functionality is based on two principles;

  • A photoactive surface coating reduces the adherence of dirt and dust particles
  • The hydrophilic coated surface lets raindrops form a sheet of water which flushes away dirt from the window surface.

The problem has always been that, although the glass remains clean, any sealant used around the edges wouldn't, creating a picture frame of dirty sealant. Now with SMX 506 and its self-cleaning properties, this can all be avoided, giving you spotless windows with minimal effort. So grab yours now!

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