What’s in Composite Decking or WPC decking?

WPC Decking standing for "Wood, Plastic, Composite". The composite material used in our composite decking is a wood and plastic mix. AB Building Products has a special formula of Wood, Grade A Recycled Plastics, glue and tints to create our boards. The mixture is then extruded to form very strong hollow or solid decking board.

Mixing both Wood and Plastic gives you a wide range of benefits, you end up with a strong, durable, hard wearing, maintenance free elements of plastic combined with the beauty, look and feel of the wood. This combination gives you a great looking and performing products, with very love ongoing maintenance, for many years.

AB Building Products WPC composite decking is not affected by weather or environmental conditions. Whether it's in your garden in the UK, a deck around a pool in Dubai, on a pontoon in a saltwater environment like a marine or a humid rainforest, AB composite decking will perform brilliantly for years. AB have thousands of boards install right across the UK and in Europe, from back gardens, golf clubs, balconies on high rise residential and commercial buildings to marina’s, piers, walkways and bridges.

Clean and maintaining couldn't be easier!

AB Building Products WPC decking and Decking Tiles are hard-wearing and easy to maintain. The composite decking material means the boards do not rot, splinter, warp or have knots which fall out leaving a hole, like many traditional timber boards.

Unlike traditional timber wooden boards, AB Building Products Composite does not need regularly sealing, staining, painted or waterproofing. The boards are easily kept clean by sweeping and the occasional wash with a mild house hold washing up liquid or composite decking cleaning.

Building your composite decking

Quickly and easily build your composite deck with our simple build process. Decking boards can be cut with normal woodworking tools by hand or machine and are easily fastened to a suitable supporting joist substructure with our stainless steel screws, stainless steel clips and nylon decking fixings.

Hollow or Solid Composite Decking Boards

Solid - AB Building Products solid core WPC boards offer an anti-slip walking surface featuring narrow spaced grooves on one side and wider spaced grooves on the reverse, depending on your aesthetic choice either side can be used. They offer greater strength and better sound absorption, they are perfect for high foot traffic areas, public and commercial spaces. Unlike our hollow boards their ends do not need to be capped to be installed as the boards are solid in both structure and colour all the way through.

Hollow - Our hollow core boards feature a lightweight construction and are reversible with narrow spaced grooves on one side and wider spaced grooves on the other. These boards offer two different anti-slip walking surfaces depending on the look you wish to achieve in your space. Being hollow these boards are also lighter which can help if they are being used in a location where weight is important, like roof gardens, balconies, pontoons etc.

Composite Decking Tiles

Our composite decking tiles can be laid in two directions to create a unique pattern. The tiles feature an interlocking edge making them easy to lay and large areas can be installed quickly with no fixings required. No tools are required for installation and a typical garden decking area can be installed in just 30 minutes on top of a solid base.


AB Building Products offer WPC composite decking and decking Tiles in 4 colours: Black, Grey, Teak and Chocolate

Installation instructions can be found on our products pages. Further information can be obtained by calling our Customer Service Team on 01264 359984