Case Study: Battersea Exchange, London

Case Study: Battersea Exchange, London

There is a quiet a revolution in building momentum within London. It’s all about creating and transforming rooftop areas into functional, practical and attractive communal locations where people can enjoy the views of the capital’s skyline.

At the heart of this revolution is AB Building Products Composite Decking which gives architects, developers and contractors the opportunities to achieve so much more in terms of space and visual style.

The project comprised of high-rise residential apartment blocks and a new school play area.

This project called for careful planning and a solution using AB's high performance composite decking known for its durable properties, the fact it is impervious to frost and self-coloured throughout for a high quality finish and offers great value for money made it the first choice.

The developer was able to deliver high quality balconies and terraces for home owners to enjoy and hopefully contribute to rising property values.