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Aquamend - Repair Putty
Aquamend - Repair Putty
Aquamend is a hand kneadable, speciality epoxy putty that mixes to provide a permanent repair to damp, wet and underwater applications.
Ral Chart Chart K1
Ral Chart Chart K1
RAL Classic K1 colour-book with 213 colours, 14 to a page divided in the middle and in a gloss finish.
Ral Coloured Silicone Sealant
Ral Coloured Silicone Sealant
Silicone Sealant made to Ral Colours. All contain anti-mould properties. For use around Windows and Doors, Showers, Kitchen and Bathroom.

Specialist Sealants & Adhesives

AB Building Products Australia is the Australian store of AB Group Ltd, who have been successfully selling Specialists Sealants and Adhesives  for over 25 years throughout the UK and Europe. 

AB Building Products is the largest supplier of ‘Coloured Silicones’ in Europe and have over 85 of the top selling colours available for purchase.

Shower Sealant:
Using the correct type of Bathroom Sealant inside the Shower or Bathroom is important as you require the Silicone Adhesive to not go mouldy while also giving you a good and watertight seal.

Coloured Silicones

Silicone Tools:
We also have in stock Silicone Smoothening Tools such as the ‘Fugi Kit’, these will give you the perfect silcone finish, better than most professionals can manage, ideal for when you use a Bathroom Sealant around your Bath or Sink.


All of these specialist sealants can be found and ordered on our online store.

Fugi Silicone Smoothening Tool
Fugi Tool



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