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Showroom Locations
Showroom locations
Tile Effect Acrylic Shower Wall Liner - Small/Medium Tiles
Tile Effect Acrylic Shower Wall Liner - Small/Medium Tiles
Our tile effect wall panels have all the visual benefits of real tiles but are mould-free and much easier to keep clean
polyPANEL - Moonlit Quartz
polyPANEL - Moonlit Quartz
polyPANEL - 1 Meter Wide by 2.4m High PVC Sheets for Shower Walls, Bathrooms and Kitchens
Spapanel - Travertine Marble
Spapanel - Travertine Marble
Spapanel is a WBP plywood core wall panel bonded with a choice of laminate finishes.
Tile Effect Acrylic Shower Wall Liner - Large Tiles
Tile Effect Acrylic Shower Wall Liner - Large Tiles
Imported from the UK, tilePANEL gives you the look and feel of real tiles but without the maintenance ! This ultra low maintenance product is a must for every home

Waterproof Panelling - Never Grout Again!

Waterproof panelling is a cost-effective and hygienic alternative to traditional tiles. Bathrooms and wet room renovations can be expensive and are notoriously difficult rooms to keep clean but waterproof panelling changes all that.

How do you I save money? Waterproof panelling may cost similar to basic or average tiles but save on installation materials, installation time and no grout means no cleaning. There will also be no more problems with re-grouting or further refurbishment costs. Waterproof panelling will save significantly over the product life cycle!

Waterproof panelling is not only for the bathroom but used in a wide range of applications, great for all types of accommodation places or where hygiene is of paramount importance such as commercial kitchens or hospitals. 

Watch our Waterproof Panelling Video

AB Building Products with 15 years experience in waterproofing panelling has introduced a number of it's latest European designs and panels to the Australian market. 

Our waterproof panelling products are used extensively overseas. The panels can be easily installed by a competent DIY enthusiast or tradesperson.  

Waterproof panelling is installed in a fraction of the time compared to conventional methods, which will save you significant amounts in labour time and installation cost. 

| Products Imported from the UK | 10 Year Warranty | Ultra Low Maintenenace |

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